Andrew Cheung

Really assisted in the revision process leading up to exams

Whether it’d be getting taught content at school or from a tuition centre, I found that I could not fully remember all that I learnt (even if it was written down!). This annoying yet inevitable fact has plagued my schooling life. I discovered iitutor on youtube and instantly found what I was looking for: online lesson that provided detailed yet relevant material to the NSW HSC. Besides the great attention to detail and exam focus that the fab tutors look out for an array of practice papers and questions really assisted in the revision process leading up to exams. I improved my overall position in mathematics by 50 places now ranked 22. I feel that this service is priceless to the final year of study and recommend everyone to subscribe for great results!

Andrew Cheung Sydney Boys High School March 8, 2016

iitutor testimonial Jane Chang

Time Saver!

Before signing up, I was struggling to manage time as I was going to tutoring centres that were admittedly good but were very far. This in turn caused me to not do that much school homework since I still have tutoring homework to do. With iitutor, I can click a topic that I like, and can pause, rewind and play it back instead of asking my tutoring teacher to go back to the question in real life . I can also learn in the comfort of my own room which adds to the convenience. It boosted my confidence on certain topics especially with the exam paper video. It helped further consolidate the things that I know and clarify the things that I don’t know. I’m so lucky to have found this and wished I found it sooner when I was in Year 11

Jane Chang Year 12 All Saints Senior College August 9, 2016

Mladenka Stojanovic

Excellent tutorials have helped me to complete my work at home

Before I signed up I was struggling with my extension mathematics work in year 11. The excellent tutorials have helped me to complete my work at home when I am in need of assistance and don’t understand certain concepts. It is a great service and has reduced my stress especially now that I am in year 12. Thanks 🙂

Mladenka Stojanovic Year 12 Student Liverpool Girls' High School March 8, 2016

Max and Ed Malone

It was a great move

We were accelerated and completed our year 12 Extension 1 & 2 in years 10 & 9 respectively. We are at a small regional school and not many students take Extension 2 so the teachers are a bit rusty at delivering it. Our teacher suggested we get a login for iitutor and it was a great move, particularly for the harder content. It gave us another point of view and often a better way to solve problems and obviously it gives you the opportunity to stop and go over any points that take your interest. The delivery of all content was excellent and our teachers learnt a lot from it along the way as well. Our results for Extension 1 were 88% & 93%, and for Extension 2 were 89% & 94%, which we were obviously delighted with.

Max and Ed Malone Glen Innes High School March 8, 2016

Frank Tunner

Exceptional Help for WACE Specialist Maths

I can positively say iitutor has made me a positive maths person. iitutor has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my maths studies and discover more about my potential ability to build maths skills for Specialist Maths subject. Presenters and online resources such as practice questions and videos are very helpful and provides direct guidelines to obtain higher ATAR. Great resources for WACE Maths!

Frank Turner Willetton Senior High School Perth, WA January 21, 2017


Getting to the Aha Moment

It’s awesome, really. I can’t say enough about how well iitutor is tailored to the IB Maths SL syllabus. Carefully designed and produced videos are quite helpful for me to understand the concepts better than my school class. Thanks for a great learning resource.

Sean Phillips Bradfield College UK December 9, 2016

Frances Zhang

What I like about iitutor is how easy and flexible the videos are

I am Frances Zhang currently studying year 12 at North Sydney Girls High School. What I like about iitutor is how easy and flexible the videos are. The explanations on the videos were excellent and allowed me to have the deep set of skills required to challenge questions I had previously thought impossible. I thought that the working out for the extra questions needed clarification however through reviewing the video, the working out was easily to follow and straight forward. Overall I have grown to be immensely thankful for all the help and support they have given me in my senior years. Thank You 🙂

Frances Zhang North Sydney Girls High School March 8, 2016

Allison Mooney

iitutor was the best decision I decided to make

Before using this online service I struggled tragically with conceptual understanding and found myself failing at almost every piece of assessment.
The method of teaching I was exposed to at school just didn’t seem to be working for me as I thrive through graphical learning and videos, which is why iitutor was the best decision I decided to make! After only a few weeks of watching online videos that thoroughly explained concepts and techniques I was able to push up my grade to a B and actually pass grade 12! (which i thought would be impossible!). I received an OP of 7 which allowed me to get into my University course, Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Which hopefully will hopefully act as a pre-med degree! Thanks!!

Allison Mooney Bachelor of Biomedical Science Cleveland District State High School March 8, 2016

Jennifer Wang

So glad I came across this site

iitutor helped me so much! I was struggling a lot with understanding the content in Maths Extension 2, but after using the online resources it became a breeze! Not only that, but I also discovered really great video tutorials for Chemistry and Physics. So glad I came across this site! I’ve received an ATAR score of 99.20.

Jennifer Wang Studying Medicine at Monash University Hurlstone Agricultural High School March 8, 2016

iitutor testimonial James Snowden

Achieved more than Expected!

iitutor helped me quite a lot! I was not confident with understanding the content in Mathematics, but the benefits of instant and unlimited access to the site allowed me to practice repeatedly the basic and complex questions. Eventually I was successfully finished my HSC because of iitutor’s help!

James Snowden Newington College Bachelor of Commerce/Macquarie University March 28, 2016

Hayley Shieh

Awesome Tutoring at the Right Time!

Before I was joining to iitutor, I was not confident for understanding fundamental Mathematics concepts, but they helped me quite significantly and effectively, which drove me to practice the right topics at the right time. My marks and ranks went up dramatically, which was more than enough to get in the Commerce/Law study at the university!

Hayley Shieh Killara High School Commerce/Law, UNSW March 28, 2016

Janet Robins

Excellent Maths Extension 2 Resources

Thank you so much for your service. Mr Koh has taught me so much and help me to be confident to teach the Ext 2 Maths content.
I am a maths teacher at a small rural independent school. Although I studied pure and applied mathematics at uni, it had been over 25 years since I had to understand, let alone teach, the Extension 2 maths content. I used your videos in conjunction, with textbooks and excel outlines books, to restore my understanding. I especially enjoyed the Volumes topic.
I appreciated having so many worked examples with such clear explanations. Well done, Mr Koh.

Janet Robins Maths Teacher Dubbo March 7, 2016

Sarah Gardiner

The Best Tutoring Ever!

My marks and ranks did improved even more than I expected. They helped me a lot in providing comprehensive resources and great contents of the videos. I was so lucky to find this place for preparing my HSC, particularly Maths Extension 2! Thanks iitutor 🙂

Sarah Gardiner Loreto Kirribilli Actuarial Studies/Macquarie University March 28, 2016